Academic Journal Perspective: Education, Language, and Literature (e-ISSN 2621-6981,and p-ISSN 2354-7340 is a biannual journal published by Lembaga Penelitian (The Institute of Research) University of Swadaya Gunung Jati in Cirebon and in collaboration with AsiaCall, Vietnam.

The journal publishes twice a year in May and November. This journal published manuscripts in the areas of English Language Teaching (ELT) and Literature. The journal publishes both conceptual and research-based articles on the areas of teaching English as a second or foreign language, English language teaching and learning, and English language teachers' training and education including English Literature.

The scope of scientific articles that can be published in this journal are as follows:
1. English learning model
2. English learning media and multimedia
3. Curriculum of English learning
4. Assessment and evaluation of English learning
5. Teacher professional development
6. Lesson study in English learning